Beagles Photographs

by Karen Davison-White


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Stour Valley Beagles Puppy Show 27th July, 2019

If there is ever a man who deserves some credit in hunt service it is this man.  Stephen Batchelor Master/Huntsman (now) but a true professional looks after three packs of hounds single handed, he has been at the Stour Valley since 2003. Has a busy flesh round and...

Hounds at Euston Rural Pastimes, Nr. Thetford, Norfolk 9.6.19

What a marvellous opportunity to see hounds of different types in East Anglia all parading on the same day at Euston Rural Pastimes. I was particularly pleased to see a beagle I walked for the Stour Valley 'WARLOCK' - enjoying the party with the big boys (and girls). ...

Adventures of a couple of Beagles

When we grow up we shall join the pack - but for now, it is great fun to be exploring and getting into as much mischief as we can possibly  find.  Giving the Labrador and the Matriarch the run around; let alone the hunting correspondent.  Cindy Mayes took that lovely...

West of England Hound Show, Honiton 2.8.18

Ever been to Honiton? you have it do! It is like being in the sweet shop - only a shop window of hounds.  Friendly people, you meet so many - I spent a little time talking to retired Huntsman Charlie White in the stands with his little Jack Russell - there is some...

BSSNS in Suffolk

"Smiley Beagles" - I call them, busy little hounds.  Lovely day with a visiting pack in Suffolk. Here I will put the Buying Instructions

Brighton, Storrington, Surrey and North Sussex Beagles

What a crackin' little pack - visiting Suffolk - and as I am Northumberland lass - I shall give you a verse - which was about beagles in Northumberland.  Will Ogilvie wrote: "The men of North Northumberland, they love the hunting horn; the girls of North...

Happy smiling people having fun!

Do you know what? - I did 108 miles today; checking in with a Harrier pack to see how they were getting on and then on to an Opening Meet of the Beagles.  All good fun - and with the prospect of "Newcomers Week" (21st-28th October) Info. on Countryside Alliance...

Euston Rural Pastimes 11.6.2017 Take two

Must confess - the eyes are definitely going! Oh to be young! - hey ho! my story of the day - a lot of fun - good craic with hunting people and of course the hounds.  How can you not love hounds! Here I will put the Buying Instructions


Looking at some working Beagles Here I will put the Buying Instructions