IMG_9146hunting correspondent and hunt horse Skip on his last day 13.2.10

About Karen Davison-White

by Michael Sagar (Editor: Hounds Magazine)

Karen Davison-White grew up in Northumberland and has always been passionate about horses and hounds. It all began, whilst on school holidays, with a visit to the North Northumberland kennels, as her parents knew the stud groom. As well as being stud groom, Mr Henry and his wife ran a bed and breakfast enterprise and Karen and her parents were their guests. Karen loved being around the kennels and was immediately hooked from an early age.

She left school and moved to Surrey when she was nineteen, to work with horses in all the disciplines. Worked for Alan Bristow the Helicopter tycoon with his carriage horses (sixteen of them)  and enjoyed the Farm Manager’s hunter.  This was followed by a move to Leicestershire to work for a very special employer who hunted with the Quorn, Cottesmore and Fernie in the 1970s. Karen then moved to run a livery yard for the secretary of the South Wold Foxhounds in Lincolnshire in the 1980s.

This love of the English countryside has meant that Karen has led a somewhat nomadic life, all due to the nature of the job she has done. She has visited many parts of the country following hounds and enjoys writing about her experiences and takes large numbers of photographs. Karen has often jotted down items related to the country side and has kept them for future use. She has always had an interest in the art of venery and now admits to loving the hound more than the horse!

Karen has written articles for a number of magazines, complete with a selection of photographs and they always create interest. She produces bespoke books on hounds, hunting or a special hunter or gun dog – plus other subject matter.    She has lived in Suffolk for the last twenty eight years and supports the Waveney Harriers as her local pack.  The hunt newsletter was edited by Karen for seven years and she follows the harriers  each week during the season and visits and supports other packs in East Anglia and where ever she happens to be.