When we grow up we shall join the pack – but for now, it is great fun to be exploring and getting into as much mischief as we can possibly  find.  Giving the Labrador and the Matriarch the run around; let alone the hunting correspondent.  Cindy Mayes took that lovely photo of me “Webley” writing this – talking to the hunting correspondent (HC) – if she thinks she is going to sit down much she has another think coming.  It is great being young – we were not sure about the travelling at first, leaving home and all that –  but we are getting the hang of it – we have done some miles this morning, we have been out with a pack of hounds.  HC thought she might take some photos – well she is not very good at it at the best of times, let alone having us beagles attached to her.  Ha!.  Then we  met a Border terrier whilst HC had coffee with friends, we had a ball (literally) many! – roaring about we were.  So you might hear more of me -Webley and litter brother Warlock’s adventures – depends how often I can get to the key board as it is much more fun being outside.

Note: – not my copyright on Cindy Mayes photograph website stamps it – and Cindy gave me permission to use the photograph.

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