Hunt Images

by Karen Davison-White


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Are made of this! a mere glimpse from thousands of images I have and books I hope I live long enough to finish . (Not the best images) - just random choice of shots (Sunday reflections) - talent - but then some have it - and some don't! Field craft. It is an amazing...

Thurlow Opening Meet take two

'Twas a fine hunting day and as balmy as May and the hounds to the village did come........................ Here I will put the Buying Instructions

Thurlow Opening Meet 5.11.18

Mr & Mrs Peel joining the Mastership of the Thurlow for their first Opening Meet.  Immaculate turnout (as always)  and equally so their Kennel huntsman who spent time at the North Cotswold with Mr Peel and Nick Hopkins who was then KH.  Elliot went on to whip in...

Waveney Harriers Opening Meet 20.8.18

Hark, the huntsman's begun to sound his shrill horn.  Come quickly unkennel the hounds; such a beautiful glittering golden-ey'd morn, Here I will put the Buying Instructions


You just have it to do!  Proper hunting folk in the West Country -  visiting a stag hound pack (a mere taster) - I think I must have had breakfast with a hundred friendly people! Here I will put the Buying Instructions


And here are some of the people who ride to hounds. Here I will put the Buying Instructions

Testimonial meet long serving Huntsman

Like to think I tell you a story - my jaunts; meeting up with hunting pals - young and old alike.  It is all about the hounds really and the people who look after them.  Chris has always kept a good kennel and his hounds are a credit to him.  They always look in tip...

Waveney Harriers 3.2.18 Whipper-in hunts hounds final take

As a young Countryman reminded me yesterday - For a Whipper-in to turn hounds to their Huntsman - a position requiring them always to push them away - then to turn round and hunt them is no mean feat in itself. Here I will put the Buying Instructions

Waveney Harriers 3.2.18 Whipper-in hunts hounds take two

I would like to pay credit here to the Huntsman for allowing his "kennel boy" - Whipper-in to hunt hounds.  That is no mean feat.  They are a great team at the kennels. Thank you to the Masters, Chairman, and all who give so much support. Here I will put the Buying...

Waveney Harriers 3.2.18 Whipper-in hunts hounds. Take one

Beckford wrote in a series of letters to a friend. A first whipper-in should be given the chance to hunt hounds occasionally and I quote: "I have always thought a huntsman a happy man; his office is pleasing, and at the same time flattering; we pay him for that which...