What a marvellous opportunity to see hounds of different types in East Anglia all parading on the same day at Euston Rural Pastimes. I was particularly pleased to see a beagle I walked for the Stour Valley ‘WARLOCK’ – enjoying the party with the big boys (and girls).  I say hats off – to Tim and Sally Fogden in the organising and especially the comaraderie and atmosphere that is present at this show.  Tim was a former Master of the Sproughton Foot Beagles (1992-95) in office with Miss Paul..  To give you some background, the Stour Valley Beagles were established on 1st May 1994 through a merger of the Colchester Garrison Beagles and the Sproughton Foot Beagles.  The Colchester Garrison was started in 1861 by Captain Margesson of the 56th Regiment.  The pack was disbanded in both World Wars, and re-established by Lt. Col. Guy Blewitt in 1920 and in 1955 when Major Marsh brought hounds down from Troon.  The Sproughton Foot was established in 1909 as a private pack by Mr G F C Gill who gave hounds to the Committee when he left in 1921.  Hounds had been hunted by military units in 1915-16 but were put down in 1918, and then re-established in 1919 with the purchase of hounds from Lichfield Garrison.  They survived the Second World War again after being hunted by various military units.  In 1994, Miss P M Paul retired after completing 33 years in the mastership of the Sproughton Foot Beagles.    So enjoy the journey, I wished more people took an interest in hounds  they are beautifully bred; such a great thing to bring hounds to the public – as many would have not seen the like.  It was particularly endearing watching the engagement of hounds with the children.  Start ’em young – it lives with you forever.  Here’s to the hunt staff that look after them.  Long may it reign.  

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