Basset Photographs

by Karen Davison-White


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I must confess I do not know a lot about the Ross Harriers whose country lies in South Herefordshire.  Delighted to be invited to their Puppy Show 14th July, so I made a weekend of it; breaking my journey on route - to stay with hunting friends in the Cotswolds.  All...

Hounds at Euston Rural Pastimes, Nr. Thetford, Norfolk 9.6.19

What a marvellous opportunity to see hounds of different types in East Anglia all parading on the same day at Euston Rural Pastimes. I was particularly pleased to see a beagle I walked for the Stour Valley 'WARLOCK' - enjoying the party with the big boys (and girls). ...

West of England Hound Show, Honiton 2.8.18

Ever been to Honiton? you have it do! It is like being in the sweet shop - only a shop window of hounds.  Friendly people, you meet so many - I spent a little time talking to retired Huntsman Charlie White in the stands with his little Jack Russell - there is some...

Euston Rural Pastimes 11.6.2017 Take two

Must confess - the eyes are definitely going! Oh to be young! - hey ho! my story of the day - a lot of fun - good craic with hunting people and of course the hounds.  How can you not love hounds! Here I will put the Buying Instructions

East Lincs. Bassets 2017

Looking at the East Lincs. Bassets - taken this month, May 2017 Here I will put the Buying Instructions

East Lincs. Bassets 2013

On my visit this month to look at the East Lincs. Bassets (with more photographs of them this month to follow) I have been in the vaults to find the photographs I took in 2013. Here I will put the Buying Instructions

East Lincs. Bassets

Enjoyed a morning with the East Lincs Bassets - great characters.  I arrived at the kennels; it is such a small world - I  thought I recognised a young man, it was indeed Jacob Whalley, new  professional whipper in to the South Wold Foxhounds - and I wish him well....

Working Bassets

Here we can look at some working Bassets - quite different from the domesticated Basset - you try keeping up with them! Here I will put the Buying Instructions