Do you know what? – I did 108 miles today; checking in with a Harrier pack to see how they were getting on and then on to an Opening Meet of the Beagles.  All good fun – and with the prospect of “Newcomers Week” (21st-28th October) Info. on Countryside Alliance website – I hope all of the hunts are doing their utmost to welcome those that may like to  take an interest in hounds – even if it is just to ride their horse across country or particepate in any social events that hunts organise.  Remember: “Working dogs (hounds please) working people, work in hunting.”  You may really enjoy it! – I meet so many interesting people on my travels; today a lady residing here who lived in Rhodesia we sat in a farm yard (she was preparing a lunch shoot)  having a good old yarn! it’s great.  Spotted on the hunting field “my old retired GP” less of the old – he looks younger than me! – I could do with him now.

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