by Karen Davison-White

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Adventures of a couple of beagles

Adventures of a couple of Beagles by Webley Well us beagles are doing quite well, we have been with the hunting correspondent (HC)  a week now – our Huntsman brought us up last Saturday in the pick up truck.  We travelled on a deep bed of straw me and litter brother...

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I wrote this for Countryman's Weekly in the Spring of 2018 Hunting on Exmoor by Karen Davison-White Ever been to Exmoor? Of course you have? And if you haven’t – “you have it to do”. It was twenty six years ago that I last visited when I used to go back and forth to...

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Hounds singing

  I would like to share this with you – excerpts from the late Daphne Moore's book on Foxhounds  Hounds “Singing in Kennel” To the foxhunter there are few more beautiful or mellifluous sounds than the “singing” of hounds in kennel.  Daphne Moore wrote; being...

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