I must confess I do not know a lot about the Ross Harriers whose country lies in South Herefordshire.  Delighted to be invited to their Puppy Show 14th July, so I made a weekend of it; breaking my journey on route – to stay with hunting friends in the Cotswolds.  All I know is that the Ross Harriers were started prior to 1820.   In 1821 William Corbett who wrote the book Rural Rides had a day with them.  He took to riding round the country on horseback making observations of what was happening in the towns and villages.  It was first published in 1822-1826 in serial form in the Political Register.  He also wrote Cottage Economy, a founding bible on self sufficiency, which has lost none of its relevance on what Corbett referred to as ‘a good living’.  The kennels are nestled in a lovely bit of country, surrounded by blueberries and a vineyard on the doorstep.  Sounds perfectly healthy to me! I think Corbett might have approved.  Well a lot has happened since then – I wish them a lot of luck, the young entry forward are a good stamp of Stud Book Harrier.  Interestingly by a Waveney draft Spellman ’16 (he would be High Peak line) out of their Barmaid ’16.  Lovely show of Harriers – the bitches were all level which is so nice to see and quite an achievement – the bitch Banter won the Championship against the Dog Hound winner Bandit.

Oh – and not to miss out – I met the Bassets, crackin’ little pack Leadon Vale.  Wonderful Characters.  They hunt well too.




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