Adventures of a couple of beagles

by | Sep 10, 2018 | Articles

Adventures of a couple of Beagles by Webley

Well us beagles are doing quite well, we have been with the hunting correspondent (HC)  a week now – our Huntsman brought us up last Saturday in the pick up truck.  We travelled on a deep bed of straw me and litter brother Warlock – huddled in the back of the truck wondering where we were off to.  Going out “to walk”.

We arrived safe and sound with the HC – didn’t know what to make of her at first (me), my name is Webley, and Warlock certainly wasn’t sure as he likes Steve our Huntsman as we are used to him around the kennels.  Anyway I thought her alright and I would gel – two girls together see!

Huntsman Steve and Jane went into the house for afternoon tea and we went into a smart little kennel and run for us – paper bedding to sleep on and it is alright it is.  I don’t know why we didn’t go in for afternoon tea.  I have heard hunting correspondent makes a mean scone and we could wreak havoc in there.  Well more so now we are more confident about where we are.  We were a bit shy at first.  A week into our new abode for the time being, all is coming along nicely.

Of course I am top dog! – well next to the hunting correspondent, Warlock likes her mind, he is really coming round, but he has a sore foot at the moment, just scratched it a bit when the HC took us out to watch the Harriers three days after we arrived! –

Talk about “start ‘em young” – we are only five months old! – but it was good watching.  We just take some light exercise.  Think that is what I will be doing when I am older, out with a whole pack across the fields – looks great fun.  I won’t have those horses around though – I don’t know what that is all about.

When the HC takes us up the fields and woods we go in the vehicle – got the hang of the travelling now.  You see that hunting correspondent she drives miles – visits those great big hounds, think they are foxhounds and then she bangs on about those harriers – I go deaf.  What about us beagles? – we will give you the run around, she is not much out with the beagles in a season.  Guess she can’t fit it all in.

Anyway, we have had a busy week, we went black-berrying, well we were watching for what was about.  Labrador was free ranging across the field.  At the moment we are on leads.  It is okay – but I want to go charging off across the field with Labrador.

I escaped the other day; meant to be  getting  into the vehicle, I let Warlock jump in and I managed to give the HC the slip – Ha! Ha! – it was so funny.  Well I thought it was funny, I was charging around, Labrador was giving me a look – a disapproving one.  But I was off!

“Catch me if you can”, I thought.  Anyway HC didn’t – she hid up – I had to go and find her, and then she got me.  It was great fun whilst it lasted mind – I shall watch and see if I can trip her up again.

We have had allsorts to eat this week, my figure is quite trim, model like I think – well us girls have to keep up appearances you know! I am Thoroughbred like (the HC is definitely a Cob) and Warlock well he is a bit chubbies.  He is quite greedy – so the HC has been feeding us separately as I think she thinks I am a bit light.  We have been having some bones from the local butcher.  So the first time they arrived on the scene there was one each.  My brother Warlock got his bone, and when I went up to him, he was really growling at me.  I had my bone, and then he was grumbling with his bone and he kept going on, making quite a racket;  well that was it!  Triggered something in me, I went over to him and had a right good go and nailed him!  Put him well and truly in his place.  So he sat and sulked.  I think he is a bit of wimp.

Anyway this morning as I write we had just a little exercise  and returned back to the kennel and we are allowed to free range in the garden when the HC is in the kitchen – then  the bones arrived – I thought I would have my bone and have Warlock’s as well.

So I took mine and got it up by the back door.  Then I went back for his – he wasn’t very happy and he growled and I just took it off him.  Got it to the back door with my other bone and guarded the two.  Warlock came over and tried to get his bone back and I don’t know what came over me, but I had a right good go at him and we had quite a squabble until the hunting correspondent intervened and order was restored.  Anyway just a bit of a quarrel – Warlock sat sulking and went under a bush having been told off, but I went back to the two bones and got both of them up on the settle next to the back door and had a good old munch in the sunshine.