Mr & Mrs Peel joining the Mastership of the Thurlow for their first Opening Meet.  Immaculate turnout (as always)  and equally so their Kennel huntsman who spent time at the North Cotswold with Mr Peel and Nick Hopkins who was then KH.  Elliot went on to whip in to Peter Collins at the Quorn.  Mr Peel has hunted hounds for over forty years that I know of/more.  If you have never watched him – you must make sure you find the time to do so. You will learn a lot.   He has a wonderful voice drawing a covert – “timeless” and hounds always know where he is; as his voice carries in the same tone and hounds draw on reassured that they know where he is – it is joyful.  For the privileged who have been under his tutelege will go far.  When he leaves covert – all hounds are swiftly away with him and he crosses the country with ease.  I was particularly pleased and delighted to see the Puckeridge Huntsman immaculately turned out in attendance and up with hounds a smashing young lad.  Where better to spend a day on the wonderful estate of Robin and Victoria Vestey’s made for hunting. I unfortunately can’t walk like I used to (couldn’t be in two places at once) and so wanted to be at the church to see Mr Peel pass and pay respect to Edmund Vestey as he hacked to the meet with hounds – and  I know he did as a very good hunting friend (footie) captured that image that I have taken in the past when Chris used to always doff his cap as he passed Mr Vestey’s grave – special moments – I know Mr Peel and many other people have great respect for Mr. Edmund Vestey – a poignant thought “we will remember him”  I do love to visit and I must try to visit more often.  I am always made so welcome.

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