Well – so privileged. There are  some quality people in East Anglia and the hounds are not  bad either!  (have you ever been?) well end of the earth for some you know.  There are quite a selection of  hounds to see.  Today the Thurlow Foxhounds Puppy Show and great to see so many hunting friends and particularly Fran who was countryman for the Quorn forever and a day! his daughter  Kelly Phillips who was stud groom from Michael Farrin days and through Peter Collins reign up until he retired (and her daughter Charlie).  Lovely people ‘salt of the earth’.  .  Always a delight to hear Mr Peel talk about ‘his hounds’ and the families, He is wonderful to listen to about the breeding lines in his pack.  Having cast an eye over the young entry and then looking at the Best working hounds, Stallion hounds etc.  Kennel Huntsman   Elliot Stokes showed them off to us all beautifully with his quiet handling and wonderful manner he has with the  hounds and of course his team with Guy Allman and young Joe Roberts.  What a lovely day.


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