I have waxed lyrical about the Exmoor Foxhounds on a previous visit and for the hound purest you cannot overlook the athleticism and beauty of these working hounds.  They have an easy gait across all terrain and to watch them is a joy on the eye.  It perhaps might be different to what you are used to – purely because these hounds are left alone to work on their own merits.  I was feeling very privileged to spend three hunting days on the moor (courtesy of the lady Master) watching these hounds from the back of a quad bike with the Countryman.  It enabled me to observe the hounds at close quarters, watch how easily they cover the country (and do some miles).  At times you can throw a blanket over them, watch them cast, pick up their trail, then, all hold their line so beautifully.  The Huntsman is of the “quiet school”  a knowledgeable quality and his handling of the hounds in his charge is a delight to see.  He has the “golden thread”.  Nicholas Snow, of Oare started the hunt and held office from 1869-1889 and under whose Mastership it was known as the Stars of the West.  The hounds are indeed  “The Stars of the West”.

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