Puppy Shows, a wonderful occasion especially put on for the puppy walkers as a thank you, for all their hard work in assisting their Huntsman and giving the young entry some education outside of kennels.  Quintessentially English “afternoon tea” with the back drop of Hounds, what could be better.   All after the judges have chosen their Champion which this year went to Lancer (Holderness LAMPLIGHT ’13 – Barley ’16) good stuff eh – Tom Batten?  former Whipper-in to former Huntsman Joe Tesseyman at the E&S and now Tom is  Kennel Huntsman at the Holderness – expect Bryan Pye has photographed LAMPLIGHT many a time! I was really pleased for Cherry Grover (former MFH for E&S) who walks puppies for so many hunt kennels, she is out of the top drawer.  Has them on leads, individually, then has them on couples (proper puppy walker)  and I wrote about Cheryl some time ago for Hounds Magazine on all the spoons gifted from her puppy walking,  she has them  in specially made cabinets in the hall.  So more to add to the collection.  Cherry walked Lavish too (litter sister) who was second to the Best Bitch Petal (York & Ainsty (S) PELHAM ’15 – Holderness Pristine ’15).  One has to mention young Sam Watkins, whom Joe Tesseyman took under his wing, watch him in the young handlers class at Peterborough with dear Moleskin (Novices and Old hands) well one can say that, but Moleskin 17 (2 Seasons) is not that old but a favourite of Joe’s  –  by (Hurworth MONARCH ’12 – Stencil ’12) He will look after him!   It is great watching the young and “they are getting younger”.  Just random shots to enjoy – don’t we have fun with hounds.  What is there not to like about hounds.  Good Luck to the new Huntsman at the E&S.  Premier League pack in East Anglia.

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