It is what hunting people do in the season.  The versatility of the Thoroughbred; bred to race and certainly a breed that can adapt to most disciplines.  “Brushing through the birchwood switches, cramming at the open ditches, grinning when the guard-rails rattle in the fore-front of the battle.  Gordons, Anthonys and Reeses bow their heads against the breezes, hail upon their faces whipping, wet  reins through their fingers slipping as they drive their ‘chasers crashing through the fence tops, irons clashing.  So they forge through wind and weather to the creak of straining leather lashing at the leaps together, with the fluttering flags to guide them, taking what the fates provide them, danger calling, death beside them, – ‘Tis a game beyond gainsaying – Made by gods for brave men’s playing.”

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