Foxhounds Photographs

by Karen Davison-White


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Thurlow Opening Meet take two

'Twas a fine hunting day and as balmy as May and the hounds to the village did come........................ Here I will put the Buying Instructions

Thurlow Opening Meet 5.11.18

Mr & Mrs Peel joining the Mastership of the Thurlow for their first Opening Meet.  Immaculate turnout (as always)  and equally so their Kennel huntsman who spent time at the North Cotswold with Mr Peel and Nick Hopkins who was then KH.  Elliot went on to whip in...

Exmoor Foxhounds

There's a melody, too, in the whispering trees, when day has gone down in the West, And a lullaby soft in the sigh of the breeze that hushes the woods to their rest.  There are madrigals fair in the voices of air, in the stream with its ripple and flow, but a merrier...

Stars of the West 1st August, 2018

"As he sits in the saddle, a baby could tell he can hustle a sticker, a flyer can spare; he has science, and nerve, and decision as well, he knows where he's going and means to be there.  The first day I saw him they said at the meet, "That's a rum one to follow, a...

Exmoor Foxhound bitch and her puppies

It is wonderful to watch a Foxhound bitch with her puppies.   When the children get a little more adventurous - you can rest assured that the Foxhound bitch will soon have them in order and mission will be accomplished. Here I will put the Buying...

West of England Hound Show, Honiton 2.8.18

Ever been to Honiton? you have it do! It is like being in the sweet shop - only a shop window of hounds.  Friendly people, you meet so many - I spent a little time talking to retired Huntsman Charlie White in the stands with his little Jack Russell - there is some...

Exmoor Foxhounds 1.8.18

You have heard about one man and his dog.  Well this is one Huntsman and his hounds.  They are a joy to watch in their work and athleticism here on Exmoor. Here I will put the Buying Instructions

West Norfolk Puppy Show 20.6.18 take two

Good new team at the kennels.  Hounds with shiny coats!   Breeding lines: Cottesmore MOLESKIN '15 - Saucepan '11,  Grove & Rufford STILTON '14 - Gaity '13.  Grove & Rufford STILTON '14 - Dovecote '14.  And one bitch Beckon by Grove & Rufford BELLMAN '13 -...

West Norfolk Foxhounds Puppy Show 20.6.18

Charles Smyth-Osbourne MFH Grafton (1995) and Countess Susie Goess Saurau MFH VWH (2003-2013 - 2017-) judged the young entry.  Moses won the Dog Hounds (Cottesmore MOLESKIN '15 - Saucepan '11)  Stubborn (Grove and Rufford STILTON '14-Gaity '13) won the Bitches and was...

Thurlow Puppy Show 9.6.18 take two

The judges praised the handling of the hounds by their new Kennel Huntsman Elliot Stokes and the hard work put in by the puppy walkers - it was their day. Here I will put the Buying Instructions

Thurlow Puppy Show 9.6.18

Always an honour to be invited to the Thurlow Puppy Show and true to Frank Houghton Brown's account of  Puppy Show protocol for a recent publication of Horse and Hound.  When tea was over, there was an opportunity to look at the old hounds in the puppy show ring and...