The magic of hounds; “Stars of the West” they cast a spell.  But then hounds various always did for me.  What a wonderful visit to the West Country, a heady mix of hunting people, hounds and horses – what better cocktail.    I have written about the Exmoor Foxhounds for Hounds Magazine and they are indeed outstanding hounds and their Huntsman is a fount of knowledge on pedigrees.  So here is just a taster; I haven’t done the hounds justice – I am only here to tell a story.  Exmoor is a pretty special place to meet up with like minded people who sing from the same hymn book.  I wished more people loved hounds.  I want to acknowledge meeting up with an American friend Karen Kandra who was so delighted to get to the Exmoor Puppy Show.  Also Megan Bliss – when we eventually met up at Honiton (because in the deluge of rain I must have missed you at the puppy show)  – well you might have to wait a little while for the Honiton shots, which will only be the Foxhounds the Dog Hounds in the morning – so that’s another story! And guess what? – as much as I want to – I can’t be everywhere!

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